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Haitian Music in Orlando

media0Haiti is only a short plane ride away from sunny Orlando, but when you’re caught up in the day to day and far away, it can seem like it’s a world away.  When you’re surrounded by American music, American sports and American culture, it’s hard to keep in touch with everything that’s going on in Haiti.   However, that’s only the case if you’re not keeping up with Radio Haiti Tropical! Our French-language Haitian radio station is the best way to keep up with all of the Haitian events, music, and news that you’ve been missing.  Whether you’re eager for results from the latest election or want to know what’s happening within the Haitian music scene, we have the information and tunes you’ve been looking for.  Just turn your dial to AM 1480* or AM 1440** to get caught up!   We also have good news for those interested in Haitian business: Radio Haiti Tropical is always looking for new advertisers! We have a great audience that you won’t find with any other radio station in Central Florida.  Whether you’re looking to advertise Haitian travel, restaurants, or other business, you’ll reach listening ears you won’t find anywhere else.  Call (407) 877-3300 today to learn more!

All of the Haitian Issues You Were Missing

media1 At Radio Haiti Tropical, our focus is all Haiti, all the time. We discuss different Haitian issues and Haitian events. Our fan base encompasses a diverse group of listeners who all have a warm spot in their hearts for our beautiful country.  We’ve been on the air since 2009, and in that time we’ve built up an audience of Haitian expatriates, immigrants, students, and more.  Whether you visited Haiti once and fell in love with the country or you have family connections to the place, we guarantee that you’ll find something that sparks your interest when you listen to us.   Here are just a few of the things we cover on a day-to-day basis:   Haitian Events and News: Whether we’re discussing the latest news from the Assemblée Nationale or ongoing rebuilding from the earthquake, you can count on us to let you in on all of the Haitian issues that are making headlines.   Haitian Music and Entertainment: We all know the big names in the Haitian music and entertainment business, like Wyclef Jean, that call Haiti home. However, in addition to helping you keep up with the news about international stars, we’ll let you know all about the local music and entertainment scene.   Haitian Sports: Keep up with all of the news coming from the association football and basketball!   And More: We’ll talk about health, education, human interest stories – everything you expect to find from a news and information station, only with our own unique twist.   Advertise on Haitian Radio Today!   As we mentioned before, at Radio Haiti Tropical, you’ll find a unique, dedicated audience.  Other radio stations have listeners drawn together by one interest or hobby, like sports or a particular genre of music.  Still others have people who only tune in when something important is happening – a blacked-out sports game, maybe, or perhaps an important news event.   However, at Radio Haiti Tropical, our listeners are brought together not by a single interest, but by an identity.  So whether you want to advertise Haitian business opportunities, a new Caribbean restaurant, or Haitian travel, you can be sure that you’ll be accessing an audience that will be instantly interested in everything you have to say.  Most other radio stations can’t offer that.   Call or Tune In Today!   media2If you’re homesick for news from Haiti, it’s easier than ever to get caught up on all the news you were missing.  As long as you’re in the Orlando area, you can just tune in to AM 1480 or AM 1440! If you’re not in Central Florida or not close to a radio, make sure to visit our website to learn how you can listen on your phone.   If you’re interested in advertising with us, don’t be shy: give us a call at (407) 877-3300 today! We would love to chat with you about our demographics and the business opportunities we can send your way.  Call today!   *AM 1480 plays Radio Haiti Tropical 24 hours a day.   **AM 1440 plays Radio Haiti Tropical from 7:00 PM to 6:00 AM daily.

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